What Are Chelated Micronutrients?

Sometimes, even when you provide enough nutrition, the plants do not grow as expected. There might be some issues with the soil and water. But that usually happens with normal fertilizers instead of chelated micronutrient fertilizers, which play an important role in nutrient delivery to the plants.

Micronutrients like iron, zinc, manganese, and many others are essential for quick plant growth. Traditional fertilizers might have some deficiencies. That’s why the normal fertilizers are fortified with the chelating nutrients to make them powerful and nutritious.

If you want to know more about chelated micronutrient fertilizers, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, you will learn everything about these chelated fertilizers.

Chelated micronutrients are nutrients that are bound to a chelating agent. This binding process helps protect the nutrient and makes it more available to plants. The chelating agent acts as a shield, preventing the nutrient from reacting with other elements in the soil. This makes the fertilizers powerful and last for a long time. Usually, only solid fertilizers are chelated to make them last longer and slowly provide nutrition to the plants.

What Are Common Chelated Micronutrients?

#1 – Iron

Iron is essential for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis. Chelated iron helps prevent and correct iron deficiency, which can cause yellowing of leaves.

#2 – Zinc

Zinc is important for enzyme function and hormone production. Chelated zinc ensures that plants have an adequate supply of this nutrient, promoting healthy growth and development.

#3 – Copper

Needed for photosynthesis and helps maintain plant strength and resistance to diseases.

#4 – Manganese

Manganese is also important for photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism. It ensures that the plants can absorb and metabolize the chlorophyll and nitrogen.

#5 – Calcium

Calcium is important for cell wall structure and stability. Chelated calcium ensures that plants have a continuous supply of this essential nutrient, promoting strong and healthy growth.

What Are the Benefits of Using Chelated Micronutrients?

Using chelated micronutrients offers numerous advantages for both farmers and gardeners. One of the most significant benefits is improved absorption. Since the nutrients are protected by the chelating agent, they are less likely to react with other elements in the soil. This means that plants can absorb them more efficiently.

Additionally, chelated micronutrients have increased soil nutrient stability. They remain available in the soil for a longer period, providing a continuous supply of nutrients to plants. Also, chelation reduces soil toxicity, which is essential for good harvest and soil health.

The main reason why farmers prefer chelated micronutrient fertilizers is the improved yield. As the nutrients are provided to the plant for better growth, better health, and fruiting, they provide better yield than other types of fertilizers.

Final Words

Normal organic fertilizers are good for the plants and soil health, but sometimes they miss the essential nutrients and hence can cause reduced crop yield in the farms. At ACI Industrial, we believe that whether you are a farmer or just a normal gardener, you should always prefer micronutrients to normal fertilizers. You can buy them from any of the trusted Chelated Micronutrient Fertilizer Manufacturers in India.

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