Know the Complete List of the Fundraisings and Acquisitions to Raise the Byju Share Price

You have come to the right place to know the entire list of fundraisings and acquisitions to raise the Byju’s stock price. An engineering student coaching students started a company, Think and Learn, to develop a tutorial freemium app in 2015 and named it Byjus after his name to become a unicorn and decacorn within a few years. It is not possible without the continuous rising of funds from the top funders in India and abroad, including the Facebook Meta Foundation CZI or Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; also, because of the constant acquisitions from small educational startups to well-established Aakash, it expanded its operations exponentially.  And all the fund risings and acquisitions are raising Byju’s share price in the grey market rapidly. 

Continue reading this blog until the end to know the entire list of fund risings and acquisitions to become over ten billion dollars in value and become a decacorn within a few years and extend its valuation to over 22 billion dollars value in 2023 to raise Byju’s stock price to new heights.

List of fund raisings to raise the Byjus share price

Byju Raveendran, an engineer by education, has been coaching students since 2006 and focused on the K 12 segment with video-based online programs for competitive exams. In 2011, he started Think and Learn Pvt Ltd to enter into the Deloitte Technology Fast India and Asia Pacific ratings by 2012. The tutorial and freemium app, which was created in 2015 and named Byjus, became popular among students, with over 150 million users registering in 2023 in over 15 countries apart from Nook and Corner in India. It was only because of the 32 funding rounds to raise over 6 billion dollars from many investors across India and abroad. It includes CZI or Chan Zuckerberg Initiative of the Facebook Foundation, the first time invested in India in Byjus. The following is the list of the funding rounds to increase Byju’s share price. 

·        In 2013, Learn and Think Pvt Ltd seed funding from Aarin Capital to develop Byju’s tech company in 2015

·        CZI, Sequoia Capital India, Sofina, Tencent,  Qatar Investment Authority, Lightspeed Venture Partners, General Atlantic, Naspers Ventures, IFC, CPPIB, and others made Byjus a unicorn in 2018

·        In 2022, Bond Capital, Tiger Global, VeriInvest, Tencent, and other funds invested massive amounts to make Byjus become a decacorn in 2022 and increase its value to over 22 billion dollars in 2023

List of acquisitions to Rise Byjus stock price

The following are the acquisitions to raise Byju’s stock price, along with expanding its operations across India and to the US, the UK, and 15 other countries. 

·        Acquired TutorVista, the perfect personalized online tutoring platform from Pearson, in 2017 

·        In 2019, it acquired America’s Osmo, a maker of educational games, at a whopping 120 million dollars.

·        In 2020, acquired WhiteHat Jr and LabinApp to expand exponentially

·        Byjus acquired the Schoir doubt clearing platform based in Mumbai in 2021 and Epic, a kids learning platform, for a 500 million dollars cash deal

·        Also, in 2021, it acquired Aakash Educational Services for a whopping 950 dollars cash deal 

·        In 2021, acquired Great Learning in Singapore to expand abroad and also Toppr, an after-school learning app, along with Gradeup, an online test preparation startup, and a coding platform, Tynker, for 200 million dollars and GeoGebra for 100 million dollars

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