how to measure a window well

Measuring a window well is an essential step if you need to replace or install a window well cover, or if you’re considering other modifications to the area around your basement windows. Here’s how to measure a window well accurately:

Tools Needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen and paper


  1. Safety First:
    • Before you begin, prioritize safety. Ensure that the area around the window well is clear and safe to access.
  2. Choose the Proper Time:
    • Measure the window well on a dry day when there is no standing water or debris in the well.
  3. Measure the Width:
    • Start by measuring the width of the window well. Measure from one side of the well to the other, ensuring that you measure the widest point, which is typically near the top of the well where it meets the house foundation. Record this measurement in inches.
  4. Measure the Projection or Depth:
    • Measure the projection or depth of the window well. This is the distance from the house wall to the outer edge of the well. Measure from the house wall to the outer edge of the window well at the point where it protrudes the farthest. Record this measurement in inches.
  5. Measure the Height:
    • Measure the height of the window well from the bottom to the top edge. Place the measuring tape against the inside bottom of the well and measure vertically to the top edge. Record this measurement in inches.
  6. Measure Any Irregularities:
    • If your window well has any irregularities, such as a sloped or curved shape, measure those as well. Note any variations in width, projection, or height at different points along the window well.
  7. Double-Check Measurements:
    • It’s a good practice to double-check all your measurements to ensure accuracy. If the window well is not a simple rectangular shape, you may need to take multiple measurements to capture all the necessary dimensions.
  8. Additional Measurements (Optional):
    • Depending on your specific needs, you may also want to measure the distance from the window sill to the top edge of the window well, as well as the distance from the ground level to the top of the window well. These measurements can be useful if you plan to install a cover or make other modifications.
  9. Record All Measurements:
    • Write down all of your measurements on a piece of paper, including width, projection, height, and any additional measurements you took. Having these measurements written down will be helpful when you’re shopping for window well covers or planning modifications.

Once you have these accurate measurements of your window well, you can confidently shop for covers or make other adjustments that will fit properly and provide the necessary protection or aesthetic enhancement for your basement windows.

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