how to manually lower hydraulic jack plate

Manually lowering a hydraulic jack plate on a boat can be necessary if the hydraulic system fails or if you need to perform maintenance. Here’s a general guide on how to manually lower a hydraulic jack plate:

Note: Before attempting to manually lower the jack plate, ensure that your boat is safely secured, the engine is turned off, and the ignition keys are removed for safety.

1. Locate the Manual Release Valve:

  • Most hydraulic jack plates have a manual release valve that can be used to manually lower the plate. This valve is typically located on the hydraulic pump or cylinder.

2. Identify the Manual Release Tool:

  • Check if your jack plate came with a manual release tool or wrench. This tool is often provided by the manufacturer for this purpose. It may have a specific shape or size that matches the manual release valve.

3. Insert the Manual Release Tool:

  • Insert the manual release tool into the manual release valve on the hydraulic pump or cylinder. Ensure that it fits securely and engages with the valve.

4. Turn the Manual Release Valve:

  • Carefully turn the manual release valve counterclockwise to release the hydraulic pressure. This action will allow the jack plate to lower.

5. Monitor the Descent:

  • As you turn the manual release valve counterclockwise, closely monitor the descent of the jack plate. Lower it slowly and with control to prevent any sudden movements.

6. Secure the Jack Plate:

  • Once the jack plate is in the desired lowered position, secure it in place to prevent it from accidentally raising. Some jack plates have locking mechanisms or pins for this purpose.

7. Perform Necessary Maintenance or Repairs:

  • If you needed to lower the jack plate for maintenance or repairs, proceed with the necessary tasks. Ensure that everything is in working order before raising the jack plate again.

8. Prepare for Raising the Jack Plate:

  • When you are ready to raise the jack plate, turn the manual release valve clockwise to close it and build hydraulic pressure. Ensure that the jack plate is securely fastened and that the area is clear before proceeding.

Please note that the process for manually lowering a hydraulic jack plate may vary depending on the specific make and model of the jack plate. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines for your particular jack plate to ensure proper operation and avoid potential hazards. If you are uncertain about any steps or encounter difficulties, consider seeking assistance from a qualified technician or the manufacturer’s customer support.

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