how to manually close an automatic pool cover

Manually closing an automatic pool cover is typically done when the automatic mechanism fails or when maintenance is required. Here’s a general guide on how to manually close an automatic pool cover:

Note: Before attempting to manually close the pool cover, ensure that the pool area is safe and clear of any debris, and that there are no people or objects under the cover.

1. Locate the Manual Override Key:

  • Most automatic pool cover systems come with a manual override key or crank handle. This key or handle is used to manually roll up the pool cover.

2. Access the Pool Cover Mechanism:

  • Depending on your specific pool cover system, you may need to access the mechanism that drives the cover. This is often located in a housing box at one end of the pool.

3. Insert the Manual Override Key:

  • Insert the manual override key into the designated slot or crank mechanism. This key is usually provided with your pool cover system.

4. Begin Cranking:

  • Turn the manual override key in the direction indicated by the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, this will involve turning the key in a clockwise direction to roll up the pool cover.

5. Roll Up the Cover:

  • Continue cranking the key to manually roll up the pool cover. This may require some effort, especially for larger pool covers. Be patient and keep turning until the cover is fully rolled up.

6. Secure the Cover:

  • Once the pool cover is fully rolled up, secure it in place to prevent it from unrolling. This may involve using straps, buckles, or other securing mechanisms provided by your pool cover system.

7. Check for Proper Closure:

  • Inspect the pool cover to ensure it is securely closed and properly fastened on both sides.

8. Store the Manual Override Key:

  • Safely store the manual override key in a designated location for future use.

9. Inspect the Pool Area:

  • Before using the pool, make sure the area is clear of any debris, and check for any damage or issues with the pool cover system.

10. Address Repairs: – If the automatic pool cover required manual closure due to a malfunction, consider having it inspected and repaired by a professional pool cover technician to prevent future issues.

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific automatic pool cover system, as the manual override process may vary depending on the brand and model. If you are unsure about any steps or if you encounter difficulties, consider contacting the manufacturer or a pool cover technician for assistance. Safety is paramount when dealing with pool covers, so exercise caution and ensure the area is clear before attempting manual closure.

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