how to make technoblade banner

Creating a Technoblade banner in Minecraft allows you to display your support for the popular Minecraft YouTuber and gamer, Technoblade. In Minecraft, banners can be customized with various patterns and colors. Here’s how you can make a Technoblade-inspired banner:

Materials Needed:

  1. Loom: You’ll need a loom to create banners with custom patterns. You can find looms in villages or craft one using a crafting table with two wooden planks and two strings.
  2. Banner: Obtain a blank white banner. You can craft one using six white wool and a stick in a crafting table.
  3. Dye: You’ll need red dye and black dye to create the Technoblade-inspired design.


  1. Open the Loom:
    • Right-click (or left trigger) on the loom to open its crafting interface.
  2. Place the Banner:
    • Place the white banner in the left slot of the loom.
  3. Choose the Base Color:
    • In the middle slot of the loom, add the color you want for the background of your banner. You can use red dye for a red background, which is often associated with Technoblade.
  4. Add a Pattern:
    • In the right slot of the loom, add the black dye to create a simple pattern. You can add a diagonal cross to the banner, which somewhat resembles Technoblade’s logo. To do this, select the square-shaped pattern in the loom’s pattern menu and then apply it to the banner.
  5. Craft the Banner:
    • Once you’ve selected the desired pattern and color, click the “Craft” button on the loom. This will apply the design to your banner.
  6. Retrieve Your Banner:
    • The crafted banner will appear as an output in the loom. Simply drag it into your inventory.

Congratulations, you’ve created a basic Technoblade-inspired banner in Minecraft! You can use this banner to decorate your bases, shields, or display your support for Technoblade in the game. Feel free to experiment with different patterns and colors to make your banner unique.

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