how much does it cost to live in bora bora

The cost of living in Bora Bora, a beautiful and popular island destination in French Polynesia, can vary widely depending on your lifestyle and choices. Bora Bora is known for its luxury resorts and stunning overwater bungalows, which can be quite expensive. Here are some general cost considerations:

  1. Accommodation: The biggest expense in Bora Bora is typically accommodation. Luxury resorts and overwater bungalows can cost anywhere from $500 to over $2,000 or more per night. Mid-range hotels and guesthouses are available at lower rates, but still, tend to be relatively expensive compared to many other destinations.
  2. Food and Dining: Dining out in Bora Bora can also be pricey, especially at the resorts. Expect to pay around $30 to $100 or more per person for a meal at a mid-range restaurant. Buying groceries and cooking your meals can be more cost-effective if you have access to a kitchen.
  3. Activities and Tours: Bora Bora offers a range of water sports and tours, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, boat tours, and jet skiing. These activities can add to your expenses, with prices varying depending on the activity and tour operator.
  4. Transportation: Transportation costs include flights to and from Bora Bora, as well as local transportation on the island. Airfare can vary significantly depending on your departure location and the time of year. Once on the island, you can use local taxis or rent a bicycle or scooter.
  5. Shopping: Souvenirs and shopping for local handicrafts can be costly, so it’s wise to budget for these expenses.
  6. Travel Insurance: It’s recommended to have comprehensive travel insurance, especially for a remote destination like Bora Bora. Insurance costs will depend on the coverage you choose.
  7. Currency Exchange: French Pacific Franc (XPF) is the local currency in Bora Bora, so you’ll need to consider exchange rates and potential currency conversion fees when using foreign currencies.

The cost of living in Bora Bora can be very high, especially if you choose to stay at luxury resorts and dine at high-end restaurants. However, there are ways to make your trip more affordable, such as staying at budget-friendly accommodations, eating at local restaurants, and participating in free or low-cost activities like hiking and swimming.

It’s essential to plan your budget carefully and research the costs associated with your specific travel dates and preferences to ensure you have a realistic understanding of the expenses you’ll incur while visiting Bora Bora.

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